• icon of a hand putting a phone down

    1. Set Your Phone Down

    Gently place your smartphone in a secure spot, freeing yourself from its digital grasp.

  • 2. Pick Up Quietframe

    Familiarize yourself with the frame's texture and design. Let it be a reminder of the calm away from technology.

  • 3. Disconnect To Reconnect

    Redirect your attention away from the virtual world. Reconnect with your thoughts and immediate surroundings.

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  • moment maker

    Capture the present moment and store timeless memories in your personal cloud storage: your mind.

  • visual reminder

    Use the frame as a visual cue, gently guiding you from the online world and back to the
    real one.

  • gift of space

    Give the frame as a gift to those needing a bit less tech in their life. The gift of space, a gift of quiet.

  • timeout

    When you or your little ones feel overwhelmed, let the frame be your ally in breaking the pattern.

  • date night

    Make your next date night even better by inviting the frame. Create space for meaningful conversations and deeper connections.

  • viewfinder

    Before capturing a photo, filming a video, or sketching a scene, get a mental preview

    in advance.

  • accessory

    Combine your frame with existing pieces to create something entirely new.

  • holiday ornament

    Decorate for holidays or events with something that doesn’t require batteries.

  • gentle alarm

    Peacefully start your day, and awaken to your own thoughts, instead of scrolling through the thoughts of others.